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ABAZAGORATH "The Satanic Verses" 4 Euro

(Their first full length release in 10 years, Abazagorath shows that they are still on the forefront of US black metal)


ABHOTH "Abhoth" 3 Euro

(Atmospheric Death Metal, Lovecraftian death metal with atmosphere of insane primordial darkness. Debut release of band from Montenegro.)


ABIGAIL/SIGN OF EVIL "Reaper´s Night" 4 Euro

(Old School Black / Thrash Metal from Japan and Italy)



(3way Black Metal split)


ANTIGOD "The Masquerade" 2 Euro

(Death/Thrash Metal Commando From Czech Rep.)


APATHIE "Trugbilder einer Erinnerung" 4 Euro

(Black Metal From Germany)



(Grim and Satanic Black Metal, Two demos from 1995 & 1997 finally on CD with gatefold booklet)


ARCH DAEVA "Kia - Escaping the Pain of Creation" 4 Euro

(Devastating EP from unholy Greek adepts. Occult proclamation in fucking awesome black metal form.)


ATER TERA "In Autumn's Solitary Decline" 5 Euro

(Black Metal From Slovenia)


AVENGER "Feast of Anger - Joy of Despair" 4 Euro

(New masterpiece of darkest and oldest Czech Death Black Metal masters Avenger! Brutal piece of raw dark oldschool Metal, finally here after years of silence!A must! With bonus video clip!)


AZAGHAL "Omega" 5 Euro 

(Satanic Black Metal From Finland)

AZAGHAL "Teraphim" 5 Euro

(Satanic Black Metal From Finland)


BARSHASKETH "Sitra Achra" 5 Euro

(Black Metal From New Zealand)


BLODSRIT "Ocularis Infernum"/"Secrets Unveiled"(Digi) 5 Euro

(Swedish Black Metal Band)


BLODSRIT "Hinterland" 5 Euro

(Swedish Black Metal Band)


BLODSRIT "Supreme Misanthropy MMVIII"(Digi) 5 Euro

(Swedish Black Metal Band)


BLODSRIT "Diktat Deliberi"(Digi) 5 Euro

(Ltd Ed Digipack. 6th Full-Lenght Album from the Swedish Black Metal Band)


BLOODY VENGEANCE "In Conspiracy With Death" 5 Euro

(Occult Blackened Death/Thrash Metal From Chile. Member From Batallion, Hades Archer, Storm Dark, Frostdemonstorm.)


BOG OF THE INFIDEL "To Corrupt Your Sons and Lust After Your Daughters" 5 Euro

(4 songs of raw, primal black metal that hints at the glorious Norwegian & Swedish scenes of the classic era. Bits of Dissection, Emperor, Ulver, and Darkthrone abound here, as Bog of the Infidel weave melodic atmosphere with some truly pulverizing arrangements long on flailing drum blasts, razor sharp riffs, and moaning vocal growls & wails...)


BRAQUEMAARD "Pendu, traîné par une claie jusqu’à la potence, et mis en quart" 4 Euro

(Brutal Death Metal)


CRYOSTASIUM "Cryostasium" 3 Euro

(Black Metal/Ambient/Industrial From USA)


CTULU "Seelenspiegelsplitter" 4 Euro

(Black Metal From Germany)


CULTES DES GHOULES "Spectres over Transylvania” 4 Euro

(Medieval devil worship and arcane rituals run like black blood in sonic form. Armed, as always, with one of the most gutted, bass-driven tones around, CULTES DES GHOULES create black-fucking-metal in a way that is truly ancient, in all senses of the word.)


DARKEST GROVE  "Pain And Suffering Shall Be Known" 4 Euro

(Philosophical Black Metal From USA)


DARK PARANOIA "Emptied By Necessary Apathy" 4 Euro

(Depressive Black Metal from Italy.)


DEFLORACE "Suffering" 3 Euro

(Death Metal/Grindcore From Czech Republic)


DEMONIC SLAUGHTER "Soulless God´s Creation" 4 Euro

(Great Black Metal From Polish Underground In The Vein Of Old Norway Bands)


DESIRE FOR SORRAW "At Dawn Of Abysmal Ruination" 2 Euro

(Melodic Black Metal From Czech Republic)


DEVIATOR "Mighty Black Inner Flame" 2 Euro

(Black Metal From Russia)


DHAMPYR "All The Dead Dears" 3 Euro

(Depressive Black Metal from USA. Another act from this prolific band.)


DOBYTČÍ MOR "Plague" 2 Euro

(Grindcore From Czech Republic)


DO SKONU "Чрево первобытной тьмы" (Womb of Primeval Darkness) 4 Euro

(Black Metal From Ukraine)


EMBRIONAL "Annihilation" 2007 + Live 4 Euro

(Death Metal From Poland)

EMBRIONAL/EMPHERIS "The Spectrum of Metal Madness" 4 Euro

(Death Metal Vs. Blackened Death/Thrash Metal From Poland)


ENTRAPMENT "Irreligious Infestations"(Demo Sessions 2010-2014) 5 Euro

(Old School Black/Death/Thrash)


EREBUS ENTHRONED "Night´s Black Angel" 5 Euro

(A ceremony of sinister magick before the heart of the great adversary!Behold! A funeral whirlwind of chthonian darkness made manifest within the belly of the dragon. Bled dry into the devils chalice flow nine sinister canticles of cruel black art. A new flame of Australian black metal rises with sinister force in 2011 with their debut album, a mesmerizing ode to evil.)


EREBUS ENTHRONED "Temple Under Hell" 5 Euro

(Highly anticipated New libation of cruel ritualistic Black Metal from Australia spanning the breadth of classic black metal, modern Satanic militance & abstract themes of esoteic darkness.)


EVIL(SVK) "Studňa"/"The Well" 5 Euro OUT NOW!!!!

(Second album of the Slovakian Evil finally out. This album once again affirms the higher level of musical creativity, lyrical indenpedence and individuality of this band. Sumberge into the Black Metal darkness of The Well and inhale the stench of Death lurking in the murky bowels of the abyss on nothingness. )


EXTIRPATION "Reverse The Reality" 4 Euro

(Thrash Black Metal attack for true fans of masters as: Sarcofago, Sepultura, Buldozer, Necrodeath...

80’s raw Metal spirit with guts and balls! Amazing young band with dedicated oldschol honor!)


FIELDS OF MILDEW  "Fields Of Mildew" 5 Euro

(Fields of Mildew is Dark/Minimalist Folk inspired by the area around the "Teufelsmoor" with a conceptual focus on the late 19th/early 20th century rural life: The people, their work in the fields, superstitions and close relation to local tales as well as dire straits - disease, famine, child death.)


FLAMEN "Supremo Die" 3 Euro

(Flamen is a new Pagan Black Metal project from Warnungstraum's mastermind Bartlett Green with vocals done by Alexander from A. Art.
For this first EP, they offer us really solid and mature work musically in the vein of Graveland, Werewolf...
On CD with 4 pages booklet and almost 30 minutes of ancestral values.)


FLAMMENSTURM "Nur Fur Den Augenblick" 3 Euro

(Black Metal From Austria)


GALLILEOUS "Necrocosmos" 4 Euro

(Frosty astral hypnotic doom metal. 40 minutes of hypnotic space trip in five parts. Necrocosmos. Fractal Dimension.)


GALLILEOUS "Voodoom Protonauts" 4 Euro

(Hypnotic psychedelic cosmic doom metal.)


GHAST "Terrible Cemetery" 5 Euro

(Black/Doom Metal From UK)


GRABAK "Agast Daeva" 4 Euro

(Black Metal From Geramany, For fans Dark Funeral, Marduk ....)


GRAVEBORNE "Through the Window of the Night" 5 Euro

(A black metal Leviathan rising from the darkness to reduce divinity to ashes & unleash pure evil in the form of nine deadly psalms to Satan. Ferocious and uncompromising Black Metal in pure 90’s style that will shake the heavenly spheres joining destructive melody with unrelenting heaviness. Beware this ungodly wrath in the vein of early Immortal, Marduk, Dark Funeral & Dawn.)


GROND "Cosmic Devonian" 3 Euro

(New EP from mighty Russian OSDM fanatics GROND! Released in 2015 by Grotesque Sounds on tape, now that material will be on CD. 3 new songs from special record session and cover of Possessed - Fallen Angel. Great music supplied by killing artworks from Daemorph (Evil Art Dominion).)


GRUE "Casualty of the Psychic Wars" 4 Euro

(Debut full length from Boston, Massachusetts (USA) based black metal band Grue, released in December of 2013.  Combining the heavy speed of Immortal's “At the Heart of Winter” with the atmosphere shown by many Ukrainian bands such as Drudkh and Astrofaes, this release stands at the peak of modern US black metal.  Drawing lyrical influence from legendary weird horror author HP Lovecraft, this is truly an epic black metal album steeped in New England roots)


HALSFANG "Vere Papa Mortuus Est" 4 Euro

(Great True Black Metal project. Pure blasphemous rites against humanity and religious diseases. Purification by Death ! For Fans of Sargeist, Horna, Vargsang, Carpathian Forest, Mutiilation... Balkor's side solo project (MOURNING FOREST)
In transparent jewelcase CD with 8 pages booklet including lyrics.)


HEIDEN "Na svůj příběh jsme sami" 5 Euro

(Melancholic Post Metal/Rock From Czech Rep.)


HELDE "Suaren Gerizpea" 4 Euro

(Black Metal From Espana)


HUMAN PUTREFACTION ‎"Anti-Human Nekro Kvlt" 5 Euro

(Black Metal From Slovenia)


CHAOSCRAFT "Procreation Through Disaster" 3 Euro

(Fast And Devastating Black Metal, In vein of old swedish Black Metal Bands)


CHIRAL "Abisso" 4 Euro

(Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal From Italy)

IDOLATRIA ‎"Breviarium Daemonicus Idolatrorum" 5 Euro

(Black Metal From Italy)


INFERIS "In The Path Of Malignant Spirits" 5 Euro

(MCD inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's "The Chase Of Charles Dexter Wrath" and art of Necromancy. Musically, it's a dark journey through rot of tombs, occult conversations and summoning Yog-Sothoth. "Surrendering Honors To The Black Arts" contains brand new tracks but also older ones arranged a new. Additionally, band included a cover song of a band from Denmark, called DOMINUS. 23 minutes of uncompromising metal of death devoted to black magic. INFERIS, asked by many fans, decided to include material from "Destroying The Light" demo, too. Publishing is over 50 minutes of old school death metal. MCD released in a standard case. All copies hand numbered. Special CD with graphic pressing !!!)


INFERIS "Obscure Rituals Of Death And Destruction" 5 Euro

(Dark spell was cast and spread throughout the world in the form of nine possessed rituals to harm human plague. New INFERIS album stud at pitchfork by devilish riffs, crushing drums and demonic growl. "Obscure Rituals Of Death And Destruction" is a musty tomb atmosphere and uncompromising occult death metal exhalation directly into your ears. The cult of death has been released. Hide and get afraid about yours poor lives. CD with graphics embossing. All copies are hand numbered.)


INFIDEL "Eviscerate Yoursel" 4 Euro

(Satanic Black Metal From Poland)

INFIDEL "Ejaculating Chaos" 4 Euro

(Satanic Black Metal From Poland)


INQUISITOR "The Quantum Theory Of Id" 3 Euro

(Avant-garde Black Metal From Lithuania)


IRAE "To Those Who Stand...Evil Prevails" 3 Euro

(Black Metal From Portugal)


KENJI SIRATORI "Cryptmind" 3 Euro



KOLP "The Valley Of Plague" 4 Euro

(Cold Black Metal with Depressive touch from Hungary.)


KRIEG "Blue Miasma" 5 Euro

(Black Metal Cult From USA)



(3way Split Black Metal)


LUGBURZ "Pure Misanthropy of Death" 4 Euro

(Black Metal From Poland)


MACHINA BAPHOMETA "On the Ruins of Empires" 2 Euro

(Debut M-CD, Raw & Antichristian Black Metal From Slovakia, Three Our Songs & One Cover Song "Píseň Pro Satana" By Mighty ROOT)


MALEFIC ORDER "Raging Evil Desekration" 5 Euro

(Originally released from Satanic Propaganda records/Sweden, now official reissue from Deathrash Armageddon.
Fans for early Abigail, Thornspawn, Urgehal, Beastcraft, early Mayhem, etc.
Fukking Violent Black Metal Vomit of Hell!!!!!!!)


MERKNET "Nigra Diaconia" 3 Euro

(Occult black metal. Deep atmosphere of darkness 7 hymns Chaos drowned in blood.

Cosmic emptiness, infinite darkness, the abyss of the universe.Dark psalms destruction of the earth.)



(Pact of two hordes extremely obsessed with death and hatred resulted in a material that will destroy yours metal souls. Rough, dirty and soaked to the bone of mouldy cult metal - reh & fucking metal! 35 minutes sordid and stuffy essence of the rehearsal room, smelly with sweat and blood! Split of two ruthless rehersal release by cooperation of Old Temple and Moon Records. Only 1,000 copies for maniacks of fucking metal underground. CD with graphic pressing.)


MOON "The Nine Gates" 4 Euro

(Black Metal From Australia For Fans Xasthur)


MORGUE SON Večernice - "Proplouváš" 4 Euro

(Atmospheric Rock From Czech Republic)


MOURNING FOREST/SAD "And Nothing Shalt Remain" 4 Euro

(Over 60 minutes of Raw Melodic Black Metal ! Transparent jewelcase CD with booklet 8 pages limité à 1000 copies.)


MYSTES "From The Battlefield/Pure Evil" 4 Euro

(Black Metal From Poland)


NIEDERGANG "Delirium Aeternum" 4 Euro

(Black Metal From Hungary)


NIHIL DOMINATION "Sado Perverser Goat Insulter" 5 Euro

Nihil Domination Plays South American Deathcore In the Traditional Cogumelo Style!!!


NOCTURNAL AMENTIA "Hec Regnum Meum Est" 5 Euro

(Satanic Ukrainian Black Metal. Hatred, disgust of humanity and its institutions are reinforced by Daemous voice on this album more than 40 minutes of vomit on weak humans.
With Amorth I.M. on drums of Astrofaes, Underdark, ex Drudkh. On transparent jewelcase CD 8 tracks with 8 pages booklet. Limited to 1000 copies.)


NOKTIIS ETERNA "Les Larmes Du Tyran" 5 Euro

(Black Metal From France)


NORDLAND "Songs Of Regression" 4 Euro

(Pagan black metal packed full of haunting atmospheres and harsh melodies and with a real devastating catchiness to each song. Remaining slow to mid-paced, this is definitely one album that sets a bleak mood perfectly. For fans of Saor etc.)


OBSCURITÉ "Contemplation" 4 Euro

(Epic Black Metal From France)


OBSCURITÉ "Contemplation II" 4 Euro

(Epic Black Metal from France)


OLDBLOOD "Possessed By Metal From Hell" 4 Euro

(Blackened Thrash Metal Attack From Slovakia)


OMINOUS DEBAUCH - "Tenebrarum Daemonum Ars" 4 Euro

(Black/Death From Russia)


ONE MASTER "The Quiet Eye of Eternity" 5 Euro

(It essentially walks a fine line between being old school and being original, successfully capturing the necessary nuances between substance and style that separates a good Black Metal album from being either a monotonous pile of noise or a disjointed merging of clashing styles. Those who want a good USBM album in a fairly similar tradition as that of JUDAS ISCARIOT will definitely want to look into this)

OPEN HELL "In Gloria Aeterna Tenebrae" 4 Euro

(Raw And Brutal Material! A Must Have For Fans Of Polish Black Metal! Outstanding Vocals Of Xaos Oblivion From Demonic Slaughter,Sytris ...)


PANDEMONIUM "The Ancient Catatonia" 4 Euro

(After twenty years classic metal sounds are back in a new edition. The legendary album is re-released the full version with ten songs that for years fascinated next generations of extreme music maniacks . Re-edition of "The Ancient Cataconia" fully reflects the cold and harsh climates releases from early nineties. Complete texts, special photos and interviews from the Polish underground fanzines from that time. Music has not been subjected to any undue and unnecessary treatment. This allows to listener be fully possessed by dark antique sounds . Let the cult of the dark black / death metal remains in its original perfect form. Album released on CD. All copies are hand numbered.)


PESTIFERUM "Déchus du Fléau" 4 Euro

(New and long awaited album... During more than 60 minutes, the pestiferous vermin spreads his filth!Comes in transparent jewelcase CD with 16 pages booklet.)



(After a decade of darkness Séance Records now unleashes their fifth full-length album, ‘Ephemeral.’  Retaining the band's poetic heaviness & melody as it twists the dagger deeper into the soul. It is gritty and raw, driven by heart-wrenching emotion & fathomless despair. It quickens the blood with bitter poison and, like its namesake, reminds us that life is fleeting - merely a transitory state between birth, death, and nothingness. So, as surely as the scythe falls indiscriminately on young and old, rich and poor, know that death touches us all. We are ‘Ephemeral.’)



(Killing split from mighty old school death metal warriors! 2 tracks from both bands for the first time on CD. All tracks remastered.)


REDREOM/STYXIAN INDUSTRIES "Der Befehl Lautet: Toete/Manifestation" 3 Euro

(Harsh and torturing German Oldschool Black Metal driven by satanic hatred VS. demonical and evil Industrial Black Metal from the Netherlands)


REGIMENT "On les Aura!" 4 Euro

(Black Metal From France)


RITI OCCULTI "Secta" 4 Euro

(Blackened Stoner/Doom Metal From Italy)


RITUAL GENOCIDE "Commencement Towards Annihilation" 4 Euro

(War Black/Death Metal From USA)


ROTTING HEAVEN "Apotheosis Of The Apocalypse" 4 Euro

(Revelation of the forthcoming world's end in the agony of castrated sun, which is to fall down on Earth to trace HIS nimbus by the flame and ashes. Six acts, soaked with tears of primordial virgin's hymen and soot of the heavenly city. Six acts, woven from dying cries of the last earth bell. Six acts, spat by his slaves.)


ROTTING HEAVEN "For the Greater Glory" 4 Euro

(Satanic Black Metal From Russia, Shouts of eternal torments in the rays of the invisible sun of the Abyss.)



(When two of the greatest french bands unite their forces on a split... SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM and ORTHANC as you've never listened them before ! Almost 70 minutes of French Black Metal.)


SATANATH "Deep Universe Vacuum" 2 Euro

(Ambient project from Saint Petersburg RUSSIA)

SEKHMET "Opus Zrudy" 3 Euro

(Black Metal Commando From Czech Rep.)

SHINING ABYSS "Sacrifice-reh 96" 2 Euro

(Black Metal From Poland)


SCHATTENTHRON "Der alte Thron, siechend im Schatten" 3 Euro

(Melancholic and Atmospheric German Black Metal For Fans Burzum, Nargaroth ...)


SKLEPMASTER "Accursed Through Eternity" 2 Euro

(Melodic Death/Thrash Metal From Czech Republic)

SKON "At the End of a Journey" 3 Euro

(Doom Metal From Slovakia)


STEINGRAB "Äon" 4 Euro

(Atmospheric Black Metal From Germany)


SVARTHYR "Vortex of the Slain" 3 Euro

(Black Metal From Germany)


SYTRIS "Confessions Of The Fall" 4 Euro

(Black Metal From Poland)


THE WOLVES OF AVALON "Across Corpses Grey" 4 Euro (NEW ALBUM)

(The title track is a 25 minute long Prog-Pagan Metal song shifting between the past and the ethereal, and features an array of musicians providing, Flute, Cello, Violin, and stunning lead guitar work from, Litmus, axe man, Simon F. There will also be a special cover of, Venom’s 'Die Hard' which will feature original Venom guitarist, Mantas on guitar, along with vocal appearances from, Rob Miller [Amebix], Mirai [Sigh].)


THE WOLVES OF AVALON "Boudicca's Last stand" 4 Euro

(Celtic Folk Pagan Metal - project by Metatron (MEADS OF ASPHODEL). Album features guest appearances of Varggoth (NOKTURNAL MORTUM) and Thurios (DRUDKH, ASTROFAES). Melodic folk pagan metal with clear British atmophere.)


THE WOLVES OF AVALON "Carrion Crows over Camlan" 4 Euro

(This is an interesting album. A kind of folky, Pagan/Black Metal avantgarde project from the UK. The riffs are dark and not so much aggressive as atmospheric, the vocals are a mix of low-mixed growls with clean sung male and female vocals, there are a lot of synths.)


TORTHARRY "When the Memores Are Free ..." 2 Euro

(Death Metal From Czech Republic)


TRIUMPH,GENUS "Všehorovnost Je Porážkou Převyšujících" 4 Euro

(Black Metal From Czech Republic)


TROU NOIR "Echoes in Black Holes" 4 Euro

(Ambient/Atmospheric Black Metal)


TROU NOIR "Nova" 4 Euro

(Obscure and Atmospheric Black Metal (with depressive touch))


ULFBERHT "L'aube d'une nouvelle ère..." 4 Euro

(Black Metal From France)


VARDAN "...Dreaming ...Living My Funeral" 4 Euro

(Depresive Black Metal From Italy)


VARDAN "The Woods Is My Coffin" 4 Euro

(Depresive Black Metal From Italy)



(3x Black Metal)


VINDORN "Hrana" 4 Euro

(Withdrawn black metal from northern Germany.Reminding on mid 90ies east european black metal release such as early Inferno, Agmen and others, vocals in czech language.)


WAY TO END "Various Shades of Black" 4 Euro

(Black Metal/Avant-garde From France)


WELTERING IN BLOOD "Rise of the Necronaut" 4 Euro

(Black/Death From France)