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BLACK ANGEL/EVIL(Svk) "Infernal Rituals" Tape 2 Euro

Split Tape with old school exotic Peruan Black Angel and Slovak UG Black metal Evil.
Total blasphemous annihilation and devilworshipping  evocation! Tape is limited to 333 copies.


DAMAGE SOURCE "...Come,Deterioration" 3 Euro

Death/Thrash Metal From Germany !


EVIL(Svk) "Legenda Neskrotných Živlov" Tape 2 Euro

The debut album of this promising Slovak horde offers 6 tracks of intense but melodic Black Metal lyrically based on the novel “Nevesta Hôľ” witten by František Švantner. Special tape bonus DESASTER cover. Limited to 333 pieces.


EVIL(Svk)"Studňa"/"The Well" Tape 2 Euro

The long awaited second album of the Slovakian EVIL once again affirms the higher level of musical creativity,lyrical independence and individuality of this band. Submerge into the black metal darkness of The Well and inhale the stench of death lurking in the murky bowels of the abyss of nothingness.

Tape Limited To 60 Copies.


EVIL(Svk) "The Awakening The Evil" Tepe 2 Euro

Black Metal/Compilation Tape. 


KORIHOR/ABIGAIL "Alkoholik Metal Blasphemers" 3 Euro

Black Metal vs. Thrash/Black Metal !


KORIUM/EVIL(Svk) "Smutne Tiene Do Dolín Schádzajú" / "Empty Graves" Tape 3 Euro

Cold And Ghastly Black Metal vs. Evil And Sinister Black Metal From Slovakia. Tape Is Limited To 300 Copies.


NORMAN SHORES "Le tombeau de brume" 2 Euro

Black Metal From France.


PATH "Via Cultus" 3 Euro

Black Metal !


SABBATICAL RITES "The Destruction" 3 Euro

Black Metal From Greece !



Black Metal From Germany !


ZIDIZ "Satan Este Con Vosotros" 3 Euro

Satanic Speed Metal From Ecuador !






Tremendous Zine # 01 / 2011 (Slovak Zine) 2,50 Euro

Tremedous Zine # 02 / 2013 (Slovak Zine) 2,50 Euro